Pregnancy - week by week

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See how your pregnancy and baby are growing and progressing week by week. Our detailed articles inform pregnant mothers about their baby's progress, what changes they can expect, doctors' visits, medical tests, scans, ultrasounds, and sonograms. They also provide helpful tips for you to start getting ready for your new baby.


Pregnancy - Week by week

See what's happening with baby and mom
Checklists - things to do, shopping, tests, scans, doctor visits
Ideas for dad
Interesting information and facts



Week 1,2,3,4 - Success

In this period, you will not even know that you are pregnant. You maybe trying to become pregnant. Most mothers will know they are pregnant only when they miss their period at the end of week 4.

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Week 5 - Excitement

Congratulations, you have discovered that you are pregnant. There is no bounds to your excitement. Basically, at this stage your body is creating a home for your growing baby. Your baby is an embryo. This is the time to start learning about your pregnancy.  If you have not already, start taking folic acid immediately.

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Week 6 - Heartbeat

Baby's heartbeat can be detectable by ultrasound. Common pregnancy discomforts may hit in full force this week. You may feel extreme fatigue as your body adjusts to the demands of pregnancy. You and your husband should have visited Ob Gyn by now.

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Week 7 - Organ development

Morning sickness and nausea will be in full force. But not to worry, baby is growing well and organ development has started. Learn about what is safe during your pregnancy.

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Week 8 - Your body changes

Fingers and toes are beginning to grow. Your body is changing and your uterus and breasts are showing it. Focus on staying fit through mild exercise and focus on nutritious food.

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Week 9 - Foetus

Your baby is now a foetus. You may start to have heartburn.

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Week 10 - Focus on a healthy pregnancy

Baby's organs are growing well and the head is oversized. You should focus on a healthy pregnancy - exercise, nutrition and more.

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Week 11 - Ready for big growth

Baby is now poised for a lot of weight gain. Your uterus has grown but you may not be showing yet, but you will soon.

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Week 12 - Vital organs are functioning

Baby's vital organs, like the kidney,  are functioning. You will also start to gain weight as your body needs to nourish the baby.

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Week 13 - Hormones

Baby has fine hair on her body and she may even be sucking her thumb. Hormones are increasing inside your body. They are making your skin smooth and your face glow.
The first trimester is over.

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Week 14 - Second trimester

Baby's brain development continues. Your first trimester is over and you may be considering informing those around you.

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Week 15 - Bones

Baby's bones are hardening and the skeleton is starting to form. Mom is set for a trimester where more tests are done.

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Week 16 - Breathing

Baby can breathe but is breathing amniotic fluid, not air. You have probably started showing and sleep may become more troublesome.

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Week 17 - Placenta

The placenta and umbilical cord are growing rapidly to supply your baby with nutrients.  You will be getting ready for your anomaly scan (ultrasound, sonogram).

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Week 18 - Vision

Baby's retinas are sensitive to light. Your energy will be at its peak and you may start to get ready for the baby - picking a hospital, shopping etc.,

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Week 19 - Senses

Baby's brain is developing all it sensory functions. You would have had your anomaly scan. You may also start feeling baby's movements.

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Week 20 - Hearing

Baby can hear now. Loud noises may be a shock to her.You are nearing the halfway mark of your pregnancy. Fulfill your appetite with nutritious foods.

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Week 21 - Halfway there

You are in the second half of your pregnancy. Baby's digestive system is slowly starting to work. You may experience breathlessness are your uterus grows.

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Week 22 - Hand movements

Baby will be moving his hands around a lot. Baby's movements are letting you know when your baby is active and when she is asleep.

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Week 23 - Proportional looks

Baby is starting to look more like a newborn (in proportion, not in size). You will be enjoying the baby's movements in between frequent trips to the bathroom.

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Week 24 - Sleeping

Baby is on a regular sleep cycle. This maybe the time for a weekend getaway. You may also be getting your sugar tested (glucose screening test for gestational diabetes).

See Pregnancy - Week 24

Week 25 - Straightening spine

The baby's brain development is rapid and the spine is starting to straighten. The doctor may ask you to start counting the baby's movements.

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Week 26 - Active baby

Baby will be very active with a lot of moving and kicking. You can try listening to soothing music as the baby's hearing has developed and she can distinguish various voices now.

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Week 27 - Third trimester

Baby is developing the capability to operate his bodily functions. You are embarking on your third trimester and can't wait for your day of joy to arrive. Some of the discomforts of the first trimester may come back.

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Week 28 - On the way to plump

Baby is putting on more fat and becoming plumper. You may want to start researching cord blood banking. You should also plan to take childbirth classes (La Maze etc.,).

See Pregnancy - Week 28

Week 29 - Maturing

Baby's lungs and brain are growing rapidly and maturing fast. As your baby grows, you will gain your maximum weight in the next few weeks. You may continue to experience Braxton Hicks contractions (false labour).

See Pregnancy - Week 29

Week 30 - Stable growth

Baby has grown very well and rapid growth will slow down but baby will keep getting plumper. Your pregnancy hormones will start loosening your body. They are getting ready for childbirth.

See Pregnancy - Week 30

Week 31 - Growing immunity

Baby's movements will reduce as he has grown and there may not be much room to move.  Baby's immune system is developing so she can be ready to meet the world. You will feel happy but breathless as the baby presses against your organs.

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Week 32 - Rapid brain growth

The brain is rapidly adding nerve cells (neurons) and pathways between them (synapses). Your doctor will be screening you for high blood pressure (preeclampsia).

See Pregnancy - Week 32

Week 33 - Senses are working

The baby's five senses are working. You are probably visiting your doctor every 2 weeks now.

See Pregnancy - Week 33

Week 34 - Head down

Baby (especially if it is your first one) may get into a head down position soon. You will feel fatigued and your feet maybe very swollen.

See Pregnancy - Week 34

Week 35 - Baby soft

Baby's skin is becoming very soft and the wrinkles are slowly going away. You will be seeing your doctor every week now. Learn about labour and childbirth.

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Week 36 - Ready to feed

Baby's sucking capabilities are ready so he can breastfeed and can also digest breastmilk. The baby may have moved downward into your pelvis. Braxton Hicks contractions will increase.

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Week 37 - Full term

Baby is consdered to be full term now. She can come out in the next 2 or 3 week. Your body is busy preparing for childbirth.

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Week 38, Week 39, Week 40 - Any time now

Baby can come out anytime now. Congratulations. Do brush up on breastfeeding tips.

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Pregnancy - Week by week

See what's happening with baby and mom
Checklists - things to do, shopping, tests, scans, doctor visits
Ideas for dad
Interesting information and facts



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