Just-before exam tips for your kids (8 commandments)

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We realize that our education system is very exam oriented already (yes, yes the Sibal commission is on its way to change some of this). And of course we understand that the real learning is more important. But let us face it, exams can help parents and kids review and learn together, are a way of assessing learning and they are an important form of art and a big reality these days. You cannot avoid them! Oops I digress, this is another topic of discussion. Now about the real thing:

You and your child have been slogging for the big exam week and you want to ensure that your child attacks the exam in the best possible way. We have some pointers or rather reminders for your child. We asked some teachers and veteran parents and got some simple common sense oriented but useful tips. Btw, these are different from the tips for exams article. These are more pre-exam pointers for your child.

So keep drilling these 8 commandments in your child’s head. And do not forget to remind them yet again on the morning of the big day.

1) Before the exam, make sure you have used the toilet and are not thirsty. Else you will be uncomfortable and will not be able to focus.

2) Do your best. Remember it will be over soon.

3) Make sure that you read the questions correctly. Otherwise you will unnecessarily goof-up. For example do not get mixed up between ascending/descending, addition/subtraction etc.

4) After you complete and have time, do revise and ensure

a. You have not left out anything.

b. You have done questions correctly.

5) If you do not understand the question, ask the teacher. The teacher will explain the question better. Of course the answer is for you to tackle.

6) If you do not know a question, just leave it. Do mark it and you can come back to it later.

7) If you do not know how to do something, do not get flustered and dejected. Keep cool. Being calm and cool will help you tackle the other questions better. A “Alll is well” (from the 3 Idiots movie) nudge to your heart is necessary at this point.

8) And have fun doing the exam.

Do not forget to give them a big mama bear hug before they leave. Mama’s jadoo ki jhappi can do wonders. ;-)

Best-of-luck folks!


2011-03-17 13:20:19


Mickey I feel we should not worry unless your daughter is not prepared for her exams and always thinks if she takes sweetend curds, she can succeed. That's what we should convey them. I beleive we should encourage this small, small things that will keep them focused and make them feel better, until it will hurt them or others. But ofcourse you should keep telling her preparation will pay her the results. Regards Kavitha

2010-11-09 11:08:39


I would also recommend praying to God just before leaving to school and mom's jadu ki jhappi. Praying sooths the mind of all the anxiety and tension. thanks Smitha

2010-04-21 08:09:13


I would like to add one more : On the day of the exam , don't wake up early and study. Instead get your full quota of sleep. Wake up refreshed and relax by reading the newspaper or watching TV. Athletes don't continue practising till the last minute ; a day or two before the big event , they stop practice and relax / unwind by doing something else. Students should also follow the same principle. Regards , Narayan

2010-03-10 22:20:55


Hi Mango_mama, Thank you .These lucky charms indeed bring positive vibes and makes you go with a positive frame of mind along with the exam preparation of course.One of my friends used to wear the same dress for all her exams to pass with flying colours. This continued till 4yrs till we finished our Engg. She has preserved her dress till now for her daughter ! Rgds, Mickey

2010-03-10 17:58:04


Mickey, Actually, i think it is okay. In fact I have a lovely German eraser that my deceased father used--my brats nanaji. My daughter was very fond of him and she was very fond of him and during exams she takes her nana's eraser for good luck. He was a perfectionist and loved using quality stationery. So they know that nana symbolizes attention to detail and my hope is that they carry this in their exams and in all they do. And yes dahi shakkar is what we were all brought up on before exams. Should try with them as well.

2010-03-10 13:37:45


Yes, Jadoo ki jhappi above all really does wonders .. Some children like their lucky charms too for eg. a pen, pencil, ring ,locket or whatever which gives them the comfort level of writing their exam.I think we should not discourage them for using those things no matter in what condition they are. My cousin's daughter always carries a pen which has stopped working now !! But still she carries it whenever she has an exam in her pencil box as she feels this would prove her lucky. My elder daughter never misses to have dahi-shakkar (sweetened curds) before any important event/ exam. Is this not being superstitious? I don't say anything and give her whenever she asks with a big smile :)Is it okay ?? Rgds, Mickey


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