Ideas for rewarding young children for good behaviour

Parentree-editors 2010-01-10 23:23:57

As parents, we are often quick to punish or take away privileges from children, for bad behaviour.  But how about rewarding young children for good behaviour?

In general most of us recognize that we do not want to bribe our children to produce good behaviour. But used judiciously rewards can be fun for both children and us.

Here are some ideas for rewards for good behaviour, that can be fun.

  • Praise the child. They love to hear accolades from you!!
  • Reward the child with 30 minutes or an hour of time with the parent who is busier.  No interruptions!!  Let your child pick whatever they want to do - have you read them a story, paint with them or play a game with them
  • Pick a restaurant to eat at
  • Get extra time to watch a TV show or play an educational game
  • Make your child his or her favourite snack or dish
  • Take them to the local attraction that they have been pestering you for but which you have been avoiding because it is boring
  • Go to the bookstore, give your child a budget and let them pick out a book they want
  • Give your child a "Free clenaup" card. In the future, if there is a mess they feel too tired to cleanup, they can use this card and ask you to do it for them.
  • Pick a movie for watching
  • Setup that playdate with a friend, which they have been clamoring for

Also remember that you should reward the child for their efforts rather than just for results. And don't forget to tell them why they are getting a reward.

What other ideas do you have for rewards for young children? Please share them.


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