Chore ideas for young children - Increases independence and self-confidence

Parentree-editors 2010-01-03 23:23:59

Here are some common household chores that you can ask your young children to do. Letting children do these chores helps them gain confidence and also increases their ability to act independently when they become mature adults.

  • Setting the dining table [Instead of just sitting on a chair and waiting for food, get them involved!]
    • Bring the dinner plates to the dining table
    • Bring glasses to the dining table
    • Fill a small jug with water and fill water in the glasses
    • Bring spoons, ladles and forks for eating and serving
  • Clearing the dining table
    • Take the plates to the sink
    • Bring any remaining food that has not been used, back to the kitchen
    • Wash the water glasses (if they are steel or plastic, since you do not want any accidents to hurt your child)
  • Water the plants in your garden - even if you have only a few small pots in the balcony
  • Put away the previous day's paper in the recycling pile
  • Kitchen chores
    • Fill up water in the ice trays
    • Make roti/chappati dough into small balls for rolling
    • Unpack food/vegetable purchases from shopping bags and even stack them on shelves
  • Bring in any shopping and grocery bags from the car to the house
  • Help older people in the house, like grandpa and grandma
    • Give them their reading glasses
    • Give them a glass of water
    • Older kids can even fill out forms or write addresses on letters
    • Bring them the paper
  • Put away toys, books
  • Clean their own bicycles
  • School stuff
    • Put away their school bag in the right place
    • Pack their school bag - homework, pencil box, books, notebooks etc.,
  • Bedroom chores
    • Set out their own clothes (whether they wear a uniform or not) before they go to bed at night
    • Remove pillowcases from the pillows, when you want to wash them or even put newly washed pillowcases back on pillows

What other chores have you given your children? Do share.


2010-08-17 09:26:17


Yeah, this post helps. a) my 3-yr-old son loves removing the shell from green peas. b) my 8-yr-old can make tea/sandwich/oats-porridge etc. for all of us.

2010-08-11 14:54:38


hey all, thts a good list... majority things i make my son do.. my son( 3 years old) also helps : 1. in removing dry clothes from stand.. 2. in cleaning green vegis like palak, kadipata, pudina & dhania... vinal


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