4 kids activity ideas for Diwali

Parentree-editors 2008-10-21 09:46:34

Of course, fire-crackers and mithai are super fun. But some more eco-friendly ideas that are not polluting and not commercial, from the Parentree collection:

  • Get plain diyas and have the kids paint those. Keep the kids creations in the pooja. The kids will feel special and will also enjoy the pooja.
  • Involve kids in making flower rangoli. Let them make one themselves with flower petals, leaves and ask them to be creative and use other materials from the house. You make yours and ask them to do theirs. Let it be their work.
  • Make mithai. When you roll it, give them cooke cutters or playdoh moulds and ask them to make their own mithai. They can take them for school snacks and share with friends.
  • Take the kids to visit a good charity or NGO (eg., an orphanage, kids school for the underprivileged...). Kids will imbibe the spirit of giving and sharing during festivals, early on.

Happy Diwali preparations!


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