Mast Indian Baby Showers - Bollywood Style

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Hosting an Indian baby shower? Have you thought of organizing it with a Bollywood/filmi theme?

We have some fun ideas.

There are many themes - ethnic, bollywood, western etc., You can also mix and match from the various themes. BTW, you can do this party thingie as a supplement to your traditions like the Seemantham as well.. Also, the ideas you borrow will depend on whether you are doing a surprise baby shower, ladies only or a couples’ baby shower.

Bollywood theme ideas for Indian baby showers

  • You can have either a general bollywood theme or make it more specific. For example:
  • The 60’s
    • Dress: Big hair, tight saris/salwar kameez, bell bottoms, lots of eyeliner. A la Mumtaz or Sharmila Tagore.
    • Songs: Shammi Kapoor films etc.
  • Om Shanti Om retro—same as the 60’s with a Shah Rukh Khan or Deepika Padukone touch.
    • Songs: Om Shanti Om, Deewangi Deewangi...
  • Bollywood vamp or villain. Fun for the couples. Imagine the gals dressed as Helen or even today’s Rakhi Sawant and the guys spouting Ajit dialogues.
    • Songs: All item numbers or previous cabaret songs. From mera naam chin chin choo to the latest sizzling number.
  • A particular movie, example Sholay. So folks will come dressed up in the Sholay characters.
  • What else? You say...tons of ideas to fish rom the vast and deep bollywood pool. Just be creative.
  • Music. Make sure there is tons of music matching your theme. Download a custom playlist. Intersperse with some cute lullabies from films for that cute baby shower flavour.
  • Film posters (you can download from the net as well) on the walls.
  • Party games:
    • Antakshari
    • Guessing dialogues and characters from films. Make sure you have tons of Ma dialogues. “mere paas to maan hein” from Deewar. Even maestro Rehman could not resist during his Oscar acceptance speech.
    • Dancing to songs contest.
    • Speaking filmi dialogues contest. You could have the gals act out like the stereotypical bollywood mom and the guys act like bollywood fathers.
  • Watching video or video clips of some bollywood fillums at some point during the shower. Make use of that home entertainment system after the party, curl up on the couch with a few friends and watch something. 

You get the idea. You do not need much but some ideas and attitude. Be creative, delegate to friends. Save all that prep effort for having fun at your own party!


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