Comfortable, stylish and easy-on-the-pocket maternity clothes for Indian mothers

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During pregnancy, you start feeling bloated and dowdy and dressing well can really pep you up. Dressing well during pregnancy helps both working women and women who work at home because all women should want to feel confident and comfortable as they go about their everyday tasks.

Some tips are given below.

Do not be in a hurry. See what you have and need and then plan

Do not be in a hurry to buy a whole maternity wardrobe very early in the pregnancy. First take stock of your current wardrobe and do not hesitate to raid your husband’s closet as well. It is okay to browse and plan early but start shopping not before early second trimester.

Do not be shy to use maternity hand-me-downs from family and close friends.  Get these washed well or dry-cleaned. Maternity clothes get used for such a short time and it would be a waste to splurge on a large wardrobe. Remember you will soon need to splurge on baby shopping as well.

Indian clothes

Most Indian clothes like saris and salwar kameez tend to be on the looser side and you could get more mileage out of them. But try and plan for looser kurtas. Later, your sari blouses might need to be altered later or you might need new blouses. So, now is not the time to get too many new clothes.

Western clothes

If you wear western clothes, then plan for loose tops like kurtis and the empire waist tops. These are in fashion even if you are not pregnant and you could reuse these after pregnancy.  Later, it might be a good idea to get a few maternity clothes like bottoms (pants, capris or skirts) and also some maternity tops if need be. You could start with some basic essentials like a couple of maternity bottoms and then wait to see what you might need as you get bigger.

Remember that most women continue using maternity clothes especially maternity pants for a few months after the baby because of their extra pregnancy pounds. So, it might be “worth it” to get those maternity clothes.

These days a variety of maternity clothes can be found in major department stores and special baby stores and maternity stores.  Maternity pants usually have a stretchable strip at the waist area. The maternity tops tend to be roomier at the belly.

In general

Be creative and mix and match. For example, you could also pair loose long tops and kurtis with comfortable leggings that can stretch well over your expanding belly.

Explore different colours. Many women find themselves gravitating towards black.  They feel it makes them look slimmer and feel chic and attractive.  Many like bright colours to make them feel brighter. And many like pastels to feel cooler. It really depends on what makes you feel comfortable and confident.


Swap your high heels with comfortable flat shoes and sandals.  Platform shoes or sandals with low heels might be okay. Your weight will change your centre of gravity and high-heels may make you unstable. Also remember that in pregnancy your foot size might become ½ to 1 size larger (because your joints get looser to enable childbirth). So make sure your shoes or sandals are roomy and not tight.

Personal grooming

To complement your stylish clothes, continue with your regular personal grooming or beauty treatments (hair cuts, facials etc.). In fact this is the time to pamper yourself. Once the baby comes, it might be difficult to step out for some time. Read what’s safe and what’s not. [See Is it safe? Hair treatments] Typically, doctors advise staying away from strong chemicals like hair dyes, facial bleach etc. especially in the delicate first trimester when the baby’s organs are being formed.


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