my daughter's growing up years

meeen 2009-11-10 17:41:50

She was such a cute baby. so everyone used to describe her wherever i took her.  She was an active child  responding well to people as and when they come.  One of my neighbours showed her tongue to my three month old daughter, to her surprise she responded with her small little tongue popping out with a sound similar to the one made by my neighbour.  She was surprised by the act of such a smallbaby.  She was a curious as a baby smiling at people and laughing with them.  The one thing she liked most was sleeping.  She could sleep for hours together.  Whenshe turned one year old i used to take her out in a pram and showed her the trees, animals birds which she used to enjoy looking at and at the same time identify them using appropriate words in english, hindi and konkani whichis our mother tongue.  Even while cutting vegetables i used to make her pick up the vegetable and tell the names of them one by one in the three languages.  Though she never spoke but she responded with her own baby language.  She started speaking by the age of 1 yr and 3 months.  She enjoyed listening to stories. I used to keep few duifferent coloured toys on thebed and ask her to pick up a specific coloured one after demonstrating to her the colours.  She used to enjoy this activity apart from the stories.  This early start has helped her in learning the language and exact pronunciation and now she is in class 10 her strong point is her command over the language either hindi or english.  I am proud of it for that.  My neighbours and friends used to say at that time that she is intelligent for her age as she could tell all the alphabets at the age of 1 year and 6 months all learnt by accident i should say.  All I did was show her the nursery book containing alphabets and pictures and used to show her the pictures along with alphabets and never asked her to repeat after me.  When she picked them up i also do not know.  It was a proud moment for her father when on her way out she recognised certain alphabet written on a hoarding.  We were surprised and my husband also got involved  in her learning process.  She started learning shapes using plastic moulded toys and numbers as well.  People say that the child's brain is the most active till the age of 5 years and whatever you try to put into it it will grasp.  Maybe that is the reason  for the activities of hers I enjoyed doing puzzles and colouring and pasting work with her as a child and these memories will be carried with me forever.







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