Our favorite birthday party food

mango_mama 2008-10-03 08:05:27

Our favorite birthday party menu for those cosy birthday parties at home (nothing radical but it seems to work for us) Was wondering if should share or not—too generic—but thought—what the heck, lemme share...A selection of these:

  • Mini idlis with non-spicy chutney or/and
  • Pasta or/and
    • Fills up the kids so that do not have to have dinner at home
    • Can make the sauce a day before and keep
  • Pizza (from outside) or /and
  • Fruit / Vegetables (surprisingly a big hit with all) or/and
    • Cut watermelon pieces (kids can hold in their hands and eat)
    • Cucumber, carrot sticks
    • Strawberries
    • Vegetables and dip
    • Fruit salad
  • Popcorn or/and
  • French fries or/and
  • Jelly or/and
    • Can also set in small plastic bowls to be served individually
    • Or in a big bowl
    • Or in a big bowl and then cut in small squares and kids can pick up with hands and eat
  • Papri Chaat or/and  Bhel puri or/and
    • Both adults and older kids enjoy
  • Of course cake! (chocolate cake seems to be our favorite)

What is your favorite party food?


2009-03-05 07:24:09


We have 2. The regular easy one and the gourmet one. The regular one: Take tomatoes and puree them in mixie. Add little oil in pan (olive oil or other), add minced garlic, little minced onions, capsicum (optional), saute, add tomatoes and cook. Add salt, pasta seasoning (you get at most shops). You can add black pepper or even white pepper to taste. I add lots of grated parmesan cheese on top for the kids. If you live in Bangalore, you can get parmesan cheese from Sbarrs or the owner at Infinity might sell you some as well. It is expensive though and is better to get from the U.S. or something. To enhance the recipe: Use little hommade tomato puree along with fresh tomatoes. Add chopped fresh basil instead of just pasta seasoning. Our maid now makes this very well. It is simple. The gourmet one involves, taking the seeds out chopping tomatoes and adding carrots/capsicum and cooking for long time. I never have the patience to make this these days. Once in a blue moon, hubby gets in the mood and makes it for us. Please share yours as well. Am always looking out for more ideas. Cheers.

mama mia
2009-03-04 22:57:57


Could you share pasta sauce recipe.


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