Fun rides at Fun World (Bangalore)

mango_mama 2008-09-30 06:57:00

Fun World is an amusement park full of rides for kids smack in Bangalore city, next to Palace Grounds. The rides are fun and safe.(fees, timings, practical stuff at the bottom)

Many rides felt like Disneylandish (of course do not expect anywhere near the
Disneyland experience but from the kids rides perspective, fairly similar).

It is 15 acres – clean, well maintained, green and spread out. I had been passing this place for a long time and my kids would pester me to take them there but somehow I never got around to taking them until now. It does look a little dingy from outside. But it is not at all like that when you go in.

Am glad we discovered this place. There are around 10-15 rides for children and about 10-15 rides for adults. There are many adult rides that kids can enjoy accompanied by adults.  I went with a bunch of kids, ages 3, 7 (3 girls), 5 and 10. And there were lots of fun rides for all ages including us moms. We were there from about 3 in the afternoon to around 6:30 in the evening and the kids still did not want to leave the place.

The rides that my kids enjoyed were a car ride (different cars go up and down), the ride that goes round and moves up and down. It is near the entrance on the left hand side. This is the one ride that all of us (different ages) enjoyed a lot.  We also enjoyed the pedal boats in the water body (there are ducks near the water body).  The 3 year old really enjoyed the merry-go-round rides or the carousels. There was a motorcycle ride, caterpillar ride, helicopter ride and lots of others.

There are plenty of scary and roller coaster kind of rides for adults as well. I was mostly busy with the brats so could do indulge in those.

You pay once for unlimited rides. You pay for kids 2 and above and adults as well.
As of Sept 2008 (subject to change so do call them beforehand)
Weekdays: Rs 200
Weekend: Rs 250

Weekdays: 11 to 6:30 (but it goes on for longer from our experience)
Weekends: 11 to 7:30, Open 7 days a week

Best time to go
Apparently it does not really get too crowded. So you could go most days. It might be best to go after lunch (the food is not good there). Say around 3ish and stay until 6ish when the lights come on. The kids get lots of thrills watching the lights come on.  Mornings might be warm and the lunch options might be limited. But you can go outside for lunch as well and get back in the park again.

How to prepare
Take: Water, camera, picnic (food is limited. You will pay extra for packets of chips etc. So might as well carry some snacks, juice etc.).
The bathrooms might not be clean. So make sure to make kids go to the bathroom before they start out.
Moms you might want to wear comfortable sandals since there is a lot of walking involved and have hands free. It might be a good idea to carry a backpack for hands-free convenience.

Where is it? Contact?
Palace Grounds next to the TV tower. Phone 23430496

It is right next to Water World (Rs 200 extra) and Star City (video games. Extra cost). There is also bowling and go carting at extra cost. Have heard that Water World is not as good as Wonder LA and that the water may not be as clean. But might be worth a try on a hot summer day since it is right in the city.

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