Twins (or multiples) - Pregnancy

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Congratulations!  You are carrying are a couple (or more) bundles of joy. A time of joy and also a time of special caring for you and your babies. Having a pregnancy with one baby causes enough changes in your body and life — and now you have to care for two or more babies.

These days more and more couples are having twins or even triplets.  Most of this increase is due to women delaying their child bearing years into their 30's, and the rise in fertility treatments.

Signs that you might be carrying twins (or more)

  • Rapid weight gain in the first trimester
  • Uterus is larger than expected
  • More severe or intense nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness or other pregnancy symptoms.
  • Higher hCG levels
  • Multiple heart beats (Experienced doctors may be able to detect this by doppler)
  • Abnormal AFP test results

How to confirm that you are carrying twins

The only way to confirm is by ultrasound scan. In later weeks, doctors can physically examine and detect twins. But these days, twins can be detected much earlier with ultrasound scans.

Having twins can increase the following risks:

How is being pregnant with twins different than carrying one baby?

You will need:

  • Increased nutritional intake (ask your doctor)
  • More care - more trips to the doctor, more tests and ultrasounds
  • Increased possibility of bed rest

We hope this will begin a safe, enjoyable journey to having your two (or more) bundles of joy!

Fun fact: The famous bollywood choreographer Farah Khan (of Om Shanti Om fame) had healthy triplet babies in 2008—two girls and one boy.  Needless to say she had a caesarean delivery.


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