Indian Baby Showers with a desi flavour - Mast Ethnic Style (Mela, Sangeet)

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Hosting an Indian baby shower? Looking for ideas ?  Racking your brain on how to make it fun and different without making yourself crazy or spending a fortune? And now along with all the things on your plate, you have to add tackling this baby shower project. What better way to pamper the prospective mom or/and dad and make it special than to party with them, ethnic indian style. After all, after their bundle of joy pops out, they will not be able to party for a long time.

We have some fun ideas.

There are many themes - ethnic, bollywood, western etc., You can also mix and match from the various themes. BTW, you can do this party thingie as a supplement to your traditions like the Seemantham as well.. Also, the ideas you borrow will depend on whether you are doing a surprise baby shower, ladies only or a couples’ baby shower.

Ethnic or Sangeet theme ideas

  • Mehendi racha ke rakhna

    • Get a mehendi wali to adorn and tickle the hands of the mom-to-be and the other ladies in the gang. After all the new mom will not be able to put mehendi for the next few months or years given the arrival of her bundle of joy.
  • Churi pehana ke rakhna

    • Get lots of churis or bangles. You can either call the bangle guy over or just buy them in various sizes and colours yourelf. Have lots of lovely tinkling colourful bangles to celebrate this festive and auspicious time.
  • Naach gaana - music & dancing?

    • You can even get some friends or get ladies who sing at weddings and functions. Or have friends sing. Or just get some music CDs. Even download some music from the net yourself and create a custom playlist on your CD or iPod. Do not forget to add a few lullabies from films to give it a baby shower flavour. A little dholki, some song and dance and you have yourself a party.  Do not need much else really.
  • Dancing shancing?

    • Have some friends prepare a few item numbers to get folks started and then open out the dance floor. Have the mom or/and dad to be lead the way. Would be a riot for everyone.
  • Your Marwari or Rajasthani friends or contacts will surely know where to source these ladies - mehendi, churi, songs etc.
  • Even a masseuse lady (malish wali) to come and give the ladies a back/head/foot rub as they celebrate. Oooh! Sounds so good. The mom-to-be could really do with a good foot rub with her swollen feet.
  • You could have food (chaat, finger food) from a reputed place. Make sure that you get from a decent and hygienic place. If you get chaat, the chaat wallahs can come over to your place and this way you can keep a closer watch on ingredients and the cleanliness.
  • Other ethnic ideas
    • Flowers for the hair
    • Lots of flowers for decoration.
    • Traditional marigold and jasmine flowers everywhere - vases, bowls or urlis of water.
    • If it is at night, light lots of candles to create that ambience.


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