For fans of Thomas the tank engine - a must-see in Chennai

sathya 2008-09-14 14:02:57

My kids are huge fans of Thomas the Tank Engine and I must confess, so am I.  When we heard about a railway museum in Chennai, we knew we had to go there. A web search brought up a website with good information. So yesterday, we went to the Regional Rail Museum in Perambur, Chennai. It is part of the Integral Coach Factory premises.

We loved it and had great fun.

Chennai - Regional rail museum - Trevor - traction engine - Thomas the tank engine and friends

Here is what we saw:

  • A real traction engine like Terence, in the Thomas series (see picture above)
  • A nicely maintained steam engine from the old days. We could climb aboard and look around.
  • A few coaches you can walk into (some of these were very dusty though)
  • An old electric locomotive. We could climb aboard this one also. It was worth it even though it was dusty. This one had been made in England 50 years ago and had the admonition "Thou shalt not overspeed" forged into the control panel  :-)
  • A toy train that takes you on a ride around the park
  • A fantastic model railroad with 3 running trains. The model railroad was at least 20ft by 10ft wide. We can spend hours just looking at it run.
  • Scale models of coaches
There was one aspect of the place that was remarkable to us - Clean bathrooms!!!!! For those of us who travel with our kids, we know how difficult these are to find.

Some of the coaches can be dirty, so don't forget to take some wet wipes or of course, you can use the clean bathrooms.

Arun Devraj who manages the museum is very enthusiastic about explaining the exhibits they have and is passionate about improving the experience for visitors. He even drove the toy train himself to take the kids who had come, on a ride.

Overall, I think this is a hidden gem for those of us with children who are fascinated by trains.


Regional Rail Museum, Chennai


2009-10-21 11:11:46


Hai, I am new to this portal and the very first beginning i saw something which is very important for my Son - TRAIN TRAIN AND TRAIN...........atlast i got some good place for my son and i am sure i will visit the place this week end........thank u satya.......

2009-07-13 10:03:19


Hi anushankarn, The website for the museum (for the link, see above) says the following The RRM is currently open from 10.00 am to 05.00 p.m. The museum is functioning six days in a week. Monday being the holiday.

2009-07-12 19:59:01


Thanks for the information.. i had no idea about this... next time i am in chennai, i will surely visit this... is there any timing, any day they are closed???

2009-07-10 10:55:10


Hi sathya, Thanks a lottttttttttttt. Bcoz every weekend, we sit at home dnt know where to we found one.My son and husbnad are very fond of trains they used to go to st.thomas mount,guindy, stations and watch trains passby.My son's hobby is that.Any work can be done from him,if we say that we would take him to watch trains,hes that fond of trains.This place i think he loves it.Thanks once again.

2009-04-29 21:24:06


Glad everyone liked it!!

2009-04-29 12:41:17


Hi.. I visited last week end with my son.. He just loved the place and he likes to go there again.. Hes telling in his words.. Thousand times I want to go there.. He enjoyed seeing all the train models...Thanks a lot sathya...

2009-04-29 11:42:52


Hi, I knew I had to check parentree to decide on what to do in chennai during our upcoming visit - I was hoping to find something we have not done before and interesting. I was not disappointed. Thanks for sharing this. Would definitely check it out. Cheers, Sumo

2009-03-24 16:05:18


Hi. Thanks for the info.

2009-03-18 13:13:01


This is really a great info.. My son is crazy about vehicles..even he used to ask me about each and every part in our Metro trains and he really loves to see trains..I ll definitely take him..Thanks a lot for ur useful info...

2009-03-18 12:30:54


Hi sathya, tks for the information, i shall make it with myson. we both love trains.


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