tsri 2012-10-27 15:41:25

Hi All Today i brought prospectus for Rs 400/ for my kid to get admission for year 2013-2014 for Vth standard. Mobile : 78294444431


2013-09-12 17:17:04


HI deepi This is second year of this school. We have found that strength has grown (number of students) admitted this year was too high in spite of the school locating in remote location. I found this school to be good. My kid seems to happy here. For LKG no need to worry. Regards Sriniwas 7829444431

2013-09-12 17:05:33


Hi Srinivas, I am looking for admission for my daughter in RVK for LKG this year. How do you find the school?

2013-04-07 08:11:51


Got mail from RVK to pay fees as given below :- Atmeeya Poshaka Bandu, You are requested to pay the annual fee for 2013-14 in respect of your child as follows: Annual Fee Rs.42,000/- for 2013-14(if paid in two instalments) Rs. 41,000/- (if paid in one instalment) · Rs. 25,000/- ( I Instalment) or full amount of Rs. 41,000/- to be paid between 1st and 15th April 2013. · Rs. 17,000/- ( II Instalment) to be paid between 1st and 15th October 2013. · A fine of Rs. 50/- per working day is charged if the fee is paid after 25/4/13 or 25/10/13, respectively. · The fees should be paid by DD / Cheque in the name of: ‘RASHTROTTHANA VIDYA KENDRA’. (Cash is not accepted) · In case the Cheque bounces, an additional fine of Rs. 500/- along with Annual fee is to be paid at the School by cash. · Details and amount regarding Uniforms, Text Books, Note Books and other accessories such as School bag, Diary, ID card, Worksheets, Wrapper, materials for Pre-Primary students,School Shoes etc will be notified. Dhanyavaad Principal RVK BSK

2013-02-18 08:21:30


Hi I will not say school is bad. It is overcrowded and fees is also higher side. As you said all admission r closed so no option left for you. In kankapura road did you tried for Rishi Valley School and RMS school. Check that school and take final call. Regards Sriniwas

2013-02-17 15:37:41


hai tsri,all admissions are closed and as my husband is transferred recently am in hectic stage to find a good school.is that better to admit my kid in little flower will the education be good

2013-02-17 14:30:39


DPS is far better than little flower public school. Getting admission may be a issue and fees will be higher side. can you try Sri Kumarans school , kankapura road. This is good school. Srini

2013-02-16 13:32:40


thanks tsri ideas about dps north, and also can anyone share the fees details of dps and little flower as am new to bangalore

2013-02-16 12:29:17


little flower school is near to my home. The school follow ICSE syllabus. I have seen kids speaks good English in this school. My friends daughter is studying in this school and he was happy initially. He says that the school is getting overcrowded and teacher r unable to give individual attention to each kids. So tuition has become must for her Kid after paying huge fees. He asked management why u r increasing too much student in a class they told bluntly that we can't loose our customers Regards Sriniwas

2013-02-16 11:32:48


any idea about little flower convent banshankari

2013-02-16 07:57:08


Hi Shilpa 1. JSS I heard is good school.But never met any one from them. RVK school is based on Hindu Philosophy. I met teacher and principal they encourage kids to speak in English. 2. Sanskrit as per them says it is easy and child can pickup. It is just like Hindi langauge (Devagari Script). 3. It has big playground and swimming pool. 4. Hindusaim is taught by telling them sholka which generally all Hindu knows. They celebrate birthdays like distributing sweets not chocolates. In place of Cake they ask kids to lit the deep am and take blessing from priest. BSK branch is new branch started last year. 2013 will be second year for the school Thats all they do. Regards Srini

2013-02-14 14:44:33


Hi All, Pls let me know the curriculum RVK follow.I am trying for 1st std for my son from J.S.S RVK Hebbal very good i heard .How about bsk branch? Do they teach too much of Hindusaim? And Sanskrit why made compulsory. Inter school compt , Quiz, sports given importance like in Hebbal ?? Interaction made in english witn students or not ??.Pls let me know . regards, shilpa

2013-02-03 17:53:48


Hi Prasanna I had good review about this school. It is just completed one year. My son's friends has joined this school and we interacted them and with their parents also. The school is good. It has swimming pool also and top of that is CBSE and teacher are qualified as per cbse standards Regards sriniwas

2013-02-03 17:10:10


Hi Friends, Could any of you help me knowing what do you feel about RVK. Thanks and Regards, Prasanna Lakshmi Rao

2012-11-17 08:49:20


Hi All Yesterday they called me that my son has cleared entrance exam and asked me to deposit Rs8000/- as registration. It should be paid as crossed cheque payable to Rashtottana Vidya kendra. I gave cheque yesterday. Sriniwas

2012-11-17 08:47:01


General Awareness is General Knowledge : Which animal is called ship of the desert ?

2012-11-17 08:33:38


Hi If i remember in Maths division/subtraction/ Addition (in lakhs)/ Gemoerty. Others subjects i don't know. I think it will be basic only. you can call me 7829444431

2012-11-16 10:40:10


Hi sriniwas my sister son is going to give his entrance test on 17th of november can you please tell what type of question they give for English maths kannada and what is this general awareness please do reply komal

2012-11-15 16:55:10


Hi all My son cleared the entrance exam in RVK held last week in following subjects for Vth Grade:- 1. English 2. Hindi 3. Kanada 4. Maths 5. General Awareness They have asked to pay Rs 8000/- registration only first time and rest tution fee 42000/- in Jan 2013. Regards. Sriniwas

2012-11-11 20:46:20


HI My son gave entrance exam for RVK on 10/11/2012 for Vth standard. Exam was conducted on following subjects :- Maths, General Awareness (GK) English Hindi Kananada Waiting for the results Srinwias

2012-11-03 10:51:25


We have submitted the form. The student has to give entrance exam in all subjects. Waiting for the call from school. Sriniwas


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