Baby monitors - Buying guide

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Baby monitors are very useful devices if you ever need to keep an ear on your sleeping baby. In the night time, Indian babies usually sleep with their parents and remote monitoring is not required.  However, during daytime naps, the baby may sleep alone. If you do not have multiple adults in the house to keep an eye on your child or if you have to do other work while your baby is sleeping, a baby monitor can be useful.

How they work

Baby monitors usually consist of a base station that is placed near the baby and one or more monitors that can be used remotely. The base station has a microphone which listens to the baby's breathing, crying etc.,  This sound is then transmitted wirelessly to the remote  monitors.


Basic models come with a base station and one remote  monitor and support audio, so you can listen to your baby. As the price increases, the features increase. Models with multiple remote monitors are available. Models with two-way communication are also available. Two-way communication allows someone to talk remotely with the baby. The top of the line models also come with video capability. These models have a camera that lets you watch your baby remotely, besides hearing. Many other frills and features are also available as the price increases.


Monitors use a lot of electricity.  Most models also have batteries as a backup, while some have rechargeable batteries. If you live in a city with frequent power cuts, pick a model that can can work with batteries when the electricity goes out.

Monitors have a wireless range that works for an average home  (similar to a cordless phone). If you take the remote monitor too far from the base station, you will not be able to hear anything.

One side effect of baby monitors is that they often prompt you to go running to your baby often. Every sound and every move of your baby is amplified when you are listening remotely.  But sometimes this is helpful. If your baby starts moving, you maybe able to intervene quickly and soothe her back to sleep again. If not, the baby may move more and more and finally wake up crying. In this case, an early intervention is beneficial to you and to the child.

Do keep in mind that a baby monitor is not a replacement for a watchful parent.


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