Desh prem time! 5 fun tips for August 15th (Our independence day)

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Add some fun and colour to the grave National festivals like Independence day, for your kids. Give it your own personal twist. It will make your kids relate to them more and make it more memorable for them. And of course will boost their pride and patriotism.

We have some tips

  • Make some tri-coloured foods or snacks. Some ideas:
    • Tri-coloured sandwiches for breakfast or school tiffin. A double or club sandwich with green chutney and tomato chutney or even ketchup as a short cut.
    • Tri-coloured salad. With good old tomatoes and cucumbers.
    • Be creative!
  • Watch some patriotic movies. Nothing like a desh premi flick to get the emotions surging. Some ideas: Chak De India, Gandhi, Swades etc.
  • A visit to a national monument can also become memorable.
    • Examples: India Gate in Delhi, Vidhan Soudha in Bangalore, Gandhi Samadhi in Delhi, Gateway of India in Mumbai etc.
    • Many of these monuments have special lighting at night for Independence day. Go for a post dinner jaunt in the car to see these lights and watch your little ones eyes fill with wonder and awe.
  • Of course tell the kids stories of the great leaders of the Freedom movement - Gandhiji, Chacha Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and more. The stories are so full of valour, heroism and are so real and you will be surprised how kids enjoy these. A good change from the usual fairy tales. You might need to read up first. Check out the Wikipedia entries on the leaders to start with.
  • Involve your children in civic and charitable activities. Lessons in good citizenship, empathy, oneness, sharing and value for what they have right from the start. Some examples:
    • Getting involved and visiting children’s NGOs - orphanages, schools etc.
    • Donating surplus toys and clothes to NGOs
    • Get a band of kids together and go picking up trash from the nearby park.
    • Get them to write a letter to the officials about the bad neighbourhood roads, or something that irks them. Get them in the habit of observing, thinking and getting involved by doing something about things around.

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2009-08-12 15:06:22


Nice ideas. I am trying to explain its importance to my 3 year old. I really want him to understand how important it is to be a free person in a free country. All the best to all parents here.


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