Importance of humour for a child

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A sense of humour and being funny can be very important skills for a child. Whether as children or when they grow up into adults, having a funny side has many benefits.

The important lesson for Indian parents to understand is that a sense of humour and being funny is a skill that can be developed. And contrary, to popular belief it is not something you have to be born with.

So what are the benefits of being humorous, witty and funny:

  • Children (or adults) who are funny are perceived to be more friendly and find themselves more at ease in social situations.
  • They find it easier to make friends.
  • Funny children gain more confidence and learn to believe in themselves
  • Witty children (and adults) are also viewed by others as being confident and happy
  • When a child learns to see the funny side of something, he improves his creativity
  • During tough situations, a sense of humour helps relieve stress
  • Humour improves spontaneity
  • Laughter also loosens tense muscles and lowers blood pressure.  
  • Humour and laughter also decrease the production of hormones like cortisol, that trigger stress

As parents can see, helping a child develop their sense of humour results in numerous benefits that are lifelong.  By starting very early in a child's life, parents can easily foster this behaviour. See the following articles that provide clear tips on how to foster your child's humorous side.

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