Teaching Kids to take care of their belongings/things

Revb 2012-02-21 12:46:49

Hi Friends,

I want your inputs and suggestions on teaching my 5 yr old to take care of his toys, books etc...  I dont know it happens with every kid or with few kids like mine... he just breaks, throws and leave the toys or books wherever he takes .. (to play with neighbour kids) after some time or a day he will start searching for tht .. at times he recollects where he has left at time he will not...

This happens with his fav. toys tooo... am worried is there a serious problem of memory...  I see my neighbour kids, they are so responsible and they take care of their things so well.. and at times they misuse my son's toys by miss handling them and keeping their own toys safe.... they will give their broken and worne out toys to my son to play and they will take his, but my son will not defend may be coz they may not play with him if he does'nt give the toys which they ask for...

He fails to put forth what he likes to do and what he likes... but will compromise... i want to know is there any problem in me in bringing him up? many times i think on this but fail to come to a conclusion....

Your inputs and views will help me to resolve these!!! pour in your adivse and opinions...



2012-02-28 20:25:06


im bit confused in explaining dis to my son as he reverts back asking is sharing a wrong thing??at times he tells evrything i say to evry1...i think these type of cleverness is inherited frm parents!!

2012-02-28 20:16:15


even my kid is same as u mentioned...he shows his new toys to his friends b4 even entering the house.he feels more happy in seeing his peers playing wid his toys!u r right dat neighbouring kids r very clever in not sharing their toys :)

2012-02-23 17:15:48


Thank you Storytellermom,devika,cherry and Roshmom for ur response... will surely try out these...

2012-02-22 18:17:42


I agree with StorytellerMom. You keep doing the clean up activity along with your child as a game or a race. Instead of dumping everything in a basket, you can start putting them in separate boxes that are marked with different stickers. and over a period of time, the child will learn to sort them and put them back in it's place. I have also taught my little one to check for the number of pieces in case of blocks & puzzle pieces (I used have the count written on the box). Most of the times he checks before he puts them back.

2012-02-22 12:12:25


my daughter is also like this. but i do not think its sereious problem at this age. so not worrying abt this. need not worry, kids will be alright after certain age. my daughter used to throw things from balconoy when she was at 2 years. but now she is not doing that. parents : what do you say? pls give ur inputs and views.

2012-02-21 17:21:29


Play a "Tidy Room" game with him at the end of the day. Tell him that between the two of you, whoever puts most things back in their proper place will be the winner; you may also choose go give him a reward (star, points, money for the piggy bank). On another day, you can play "Treasure Hunt" - open the box and tell him that a toy is missing, the first one to find the toy and put it back wins. The toy problem with neighbors kids is part of growing up - explain to him the concept of "owning" things, and help him develop a pride in owning his toys. Hope this helps.


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