When will a mother feel baby's kicks during pregnancy?

Parentree-editors 2008-09-01 22:20:09

Most Indian mothers will start to feel baby's movements (kicks, wiggles etc.,) around week 18 to week 22 of their pregnancy.  Initially, the baby's kicks may feel like a fluttering sensation or a gas bubble in the abdomen. But eventually they will get stronger and stronger. When mothers start feeling the baby's movement, it is usually a very exciting time. For some mothers, it is also the moment of realization that there is a living being inside them.

Some mothers may feel the kicks early while some others may feel it later. Do not panic if someone else has felt kicks If you are past week 22 and still cannot feel your baby's movements, do talk to a doctor.  Many first time mothers also do not realize the sensation in their stomach is the baby moving and thus tend to realize it later than mothers who have had babies earlier.


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