Learn to read - Children (4 to 6 years)

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Reading and a love of books are a priceless skill that will benefit our children. They are also an effective alternative to television. Here we would like to share some tips on how you can help your child in the early years, to get ready to read.

To help children between the ages of 4 and 6 (kindergarteners) read:

  • Your child may start scanning through books herself. Especially, books that have been read to her often. She can probably remember a lot of the words from the book and repeat them from memory. She may not be reading but your encouragement will help her.
  • Help your child learn about rhyming words. Give them simple challenges to rhyme.
  • Start playing games like asking the child to name a fruit, after giving them the letter that begins with it
  • If your child starts making up words, don't correct him unless he does it too often. He is just discovering how sounds work together. You can help him along by adding a few words to the sequence yourself.
  • Around 5 years, you can start reading books together with your child by asking him to read the simpler words in the book.

Look through our Reviews to find books that are highly recommended by other parents.

Different children develop reading abilities at different times. Every child is unique.  These tips can help them develop this skill by providing an enabling environment. If you feel that your child is falling behind in language development, talk to your paediatrician. Sometimes, delayed language development may point to a different problem.


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my baby does nt complete her home work or class work till she is said continously do it ,do it . and if i stand ther e she will finish in minutes but otherwise it will take her full day and she is always watching others instead of doing others but when it comes for skudo game she is the number 1 to finish


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