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Quit my job and Unable to stay home as a house-wife

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nidhimomm 2016-10-18 15:03:21


Hi, I used to work as a software engineer but quit my beautiful job to take care of my 2 boys 5 years ago. Initially for 2 years I was busy with the kids but then the ITCH started that I should NOT have quit my job. I should have some how managed my work and home. I made a mistake. Since then every day I sit before the computer from morning to evening looking at what kinda jobs are available for my profile and where are the people and how big the people who were inferior to me or who were reporting to me have grown. Why is it that only ladies have to quit their jobs. I am always restless and unhappy and grumbling and jealous person now. Its like I have turned into a black spider-man :(
 I want to upgrade my skills and go back. But I feel no company will take me. I started freelancing to wipe off the HOUSE-WIFE tag, but earn peanuts.
Unable to mingle with the ladies who are house wives from the beginning and unable to get good friends.
I think I am making my husband and kids' life miserable too.
I think I need a psychiatric help. But, don't have guts to admit my mental condition to anyone.
People think I am happy lady who easily adjusted to the home-maker position too. Happy go lucky lady.
What is happening to me?

nidhimomm 2016-11-04 23:40:28


No solution?

 Former member 2016-11-16 12:15:22


1st thing to do: Yoga and meditation. you will be alright. you don't need psychiatric help. 

savitha 2016-12-19 13:40:50


do not feel guilt. This guilt kill women. When u are at office you have the guilt of not managing home and when u are at home you have the guilt of not doing your work well. Have no guilt. Take a deep breath. Choose a career that would help you stick to your preferences.
We all struggle to have a perfect family and career. We dont find a balance. Today we have a wide variety of career choices. you can choose for a job that help you concentrate on your family.

anagha04 2017-03-18 16:58:25


Hi Nidhi ,
 I read your problem .Same thing has happened to me . I quit my job to look after my daughter because no one is ready to take responsibility at home and neither ready to keep a nany to look after her. That time we r under financial problems also and I was earning for my house  . I was satisfied because i thought I can support my husband financially. But one day situation changed and I had to quit the job. My husband could not do anything even he understand my mental condition. I decided to look after my daughter and now I got involved in her .She is now 4 yrs. I am happy with her and positively decided only to take of her. I dont need any other person to help me in this .I am a capable mother who can easily take care of her in her sickness, can help her in studies her extra activities .I spend lots of time with her and trying to develop her. Please dont go under depression .There are lots of thing to do for children .side by side you can search work from home option for earning extra money. It will help you to earn also .( I am earning some money by doing work from home). Cheer up and live for your children they need your support. All the best.


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