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Very poor experience with day care for my kid ,the staff is extremely arrogant and rude and my kid used to be scared and cry all along the route from school till day care,he always used to complaint that mausi/teacher used to hit him while feeding,i complained multiple times but nobody cared...i changed his day care and he is very happy now and used to enjoy his stay in daycare,i will sincerely advice to think twice before putting your child in daycare.


I agree with MadhuPS, the in charge of Wakad pumpkin patch is very rude..I visited the pumpkin patch wakad branch recently for playgroup enquiry ..the infra is impressive but the lady who is the school admin, MJ, i found her way too rude..I asked her abt the day care charges, she replied that u r a homemaker why do u need to know?...when I told her that I m in process if getting back to job, so wanted to know the that she replied ask me when u get back to job!!!... That was very much out of the line..if d front office is like this, what can we say abt the back office..I m definitely not going to send my kid here... There are 26 kids in one class and only 2 teachers + 1 mawshi..was not convinced with this ratio either.. Fees is too high..65k+ pa...for 2 hrs..instead one can consider Serra international aundh, which I felt was too good at almost this same price..


The school has nice infra and is better than some of the near by options, but recently the management has started activities to make more money (even though they are already having the highest fees in the neighborhood). For example the students play area which was previously around 20 Feet hall has been divided into two rooms, where half the room is now used for extra playgroup batch.
Recently I observed my kid talking about stuff we take utmost care like "Do this and you will get a chocolate". We gave the feedback at the school, but again recently he was talking to himself while playing "eat this or you will get a slap". Looks like the staff quality has deteriorated badly.

Also the recently organized Diwali camp was so ill organized, there was no staff for kids not attending the camp. Since the camp has started, my kid is avoiding going to school. He told that he was made to sit in the corner of a room. How can school management do this, its like punishing a little kid.

Similarly kid of one of my friend soiled his shorts in school, but no one noticed he was in the dirty clothes for the whole day.

Gave all this inputs to the director (written application) who has simply not returned a reply even after almost 10 days.
Check for other options like Little Millennium etc in the locality especially for day care.


Terrible experience!!! environment is very unprofessional, no field area for children to play. They keep lots of Mausis but very few teachers. Incharge is very rude. I would not recommend for a toddler.


I am also agree with sthawari.


my opinion was also same when my baby was below 1yr and they had one to one ratio, but since they moved her in toddler group my baby's care has not taken properly.they messed up with her medicines and injuries. I have two very bad experiences, which were accepeted by teacher at that moment but next day their main teacher told me this happenes and you should not complain. How a parent can not complain about their carelessness about his/her child's medicines and injuries?? theses are very sensitive issue. we leave our child with trust and they say like this. I request all parents to inquire very deeply before choosing pumpkin patch. its not good for toddlers(above 1yr)


My 2 year old daughter going to this daycare for more than 9 months now. They take great care of babies and the ratio of the caregivers that they maintain is excellent.


I agree to what everyone is saying.Before indira kids my daughter was in pumpkinpatch for 2yrs. Actually she was in the first batch of palygrp. I am totally satisfied with them.Hygine, kids care ,teaching style everything is good. I had to take away my child from it as we moved to other area.


My 2 daughters used to go to Pumpkin patch school and day care center. It is excellent, there is no other day care which is on par with this one.


My son has been attending the Pumpkin Patch Daycare for the past 6 months now and we are very happy with this daycare center.



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