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ABODE Kids International Gachibowli - Hyderabad

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Our experience with ABODE...

When we joined our kid in ABODE, she took few weeks time to settle down and we were pleasantly surprised by the cooperation of staff and admin in all those weeks. She got one on one attention in that settling period.

When we visited other schools, first they showed their fee structure before they even talk anything about the school but in ABODE completely opposite. This school is not started by unemployed people who want to earn living out of school, founded by well educated couple who left their well paid jobs in USA and running this school with the philosophy of let the kid grow up with their uniqueness with happy soul.

As per Montessori philosophy, they preach in all the meetings that don


Welcome to the 2BHK Hogwartsfor your aspiring toddler. At leastthat's the picture the school staff paints to sell their degenerated services of child care. It's easy to fall prey as it's located in the posh neighbourhood of Gachibowli. During their sales pitch, they'll give an impression that the kid's of Tom, Dick and Harry who joined there are going to be the Einstein's of next generation. As an affable parent, a feeling haunts you if yourprince/princess is going to lag behind in the gen next rat race. That's how they instill a fear in you and subsequently manipulates you into buying their overpriced services. If you are a naturally underconfident person who feels that everyone on this planet is better than you, and if you think you are what you are by sheer luck this school is for you.

My kid joined this school as a sum total of all above reasons and he has spent 2 months there. In hindsight, that was the first mistake I made in my child's life.


Don't fall for the utopian descriptions of the founder about his school. They expect the children to settle down within the duration set by them. If not they say things about your kid which are very hard to digest. They sometimes go to an extent of advising the parents to take the kid to psyciatrist without even considering the fact that every kid is unique and they take their own time.
No pros at all.
The staff seriously lacks the compassion.
The founder is very commercial.
Right from the way they talk about your kid to the way they handle the kids is bookish and doesn't seem practical.

The founder should make the criteria clear on the kind of kids they are comfortable with. Here is the criteria we were made to understand.
1) The child should be disciplined and structured by the time he turns 2.
2) The parents should talk only in english at home.

The founder should have a thorough assessment of parents and child before the admission so that the parents' time and money wouldn't get wasted.


The school was very good when we joined our kid. some of the excellent staff left now and the quality has gone bad now. they are now trying to expand to a larger chain and lost the promised they madebefore joining. Not up to the expectations at all now!

Con's i have experienced:
- Huge number of unplanned holidays for the school; All of a sudden a holiday will be declared - a huge loss if both the parents are working
- they say extended care is available during holidays, trust me that is a buzz word for them to attract new comers. Extended day care is not upto the mark at all !
- no field trips for students etc.,
- no clarity on the academics they teach
- no material given at all (For example in blue blocks, they give a lot of good material on montessori and also suggest many toys etc., which is not there here)
- No food is provided on extended day care
- what they charge does not match with that they provide!

I sincerely suggest before joining your kid, please speak to existing parents and not to abode mgmt! don't fall for libraries and music instruments they show - drop a thought to what extent they are functional and reachable to your kid.


I want to share my experience with ABODE Montessori & Multiple Intelligence School. We admitted my son after couple of meetings with Mr. Suman and his team.Ok, now coming to my son, we were worried that he was speech delayed for his age when he was initially admitted at ABODE. Exactly after one year he was in a play to show the linguistic skills. He was also part of a music group and performed on stage without any fear, speaks volumes about how much ABODE has played a part in his development not only his speech, but also his overall personality development. I would like to thank Mr.Suman, his staff(Archana, Avantika his teachers during Toddlers class, Namratha, Radhika, Padmaja his Primary teachers, Ms. Snehal, Ms. Uma, Ms. Vinitha, Ms. Maddy) and support staff (Mr. Raghu, Ms. Saritha, Ms. Lakshmi, Ms. Vijaya and Ms. Chandrika).

I would like to extend my heartfelt wishes to all the staff of ABODE for making every childparticipate in many multiple Intelligence activities such as Dance, Musical shows, Drama and Friday fun Carnivals. It feels nice to see the 1-2 yr old toddlers perform too. Very well executed Multiple Intelligences program and you deserve a thumbs up.

And many congratulations toMr. Suman & ABODE Teamfor starting grades 1 to 12.I would definitely recommend ABODE for any parent who is looking to put her/his child into a hands-on learning school with a freedom to do what they want.May ABODE have all the success in all it's future endeavors and have the support of excellent staff like you have at ABODE.

Thank you once again for taking care of my son and his needs.




The school boasts of providing children an eclectic experience of Montessori and Multiple intelligence. However, translating these ideas into reality is a far fetched dream. The school needs to be thorough in theirprocesses given they are already almost 3-4yrs into it.
The teachers do not seem to be in sync with the ideas/ methodology.
They charge quite high in comparison to what they provide.Like most other schools, the school is not open to take inputs/ feedback from parents, therefore not any different from others.
Surely, not living up to the promises made.


one year agoI andmy wife went to Abode to discuss about our child and the concerns we had. Today i am so happy to see himspeak andlearn new things every day. Thanks to Suman Sirand his team mainly caretakers. We wish more success to Abode.


I went through many schools to find the right school and here is my experience with ABODE Montessori & Multiple Intelligence School.

My son goes to ABODE Montessoriforlast 1.5 years and I am happy that I made the right choice for my child.It isagood mix of Montessori and modern curriculum's,where equal importance is given to all subjects including music, dance and drama. I visited many schools as i want a similar school to what he was going in US,before finalizing on ABODE (I visited thrice). My elder one went to a Montessori School in US from 2.5 - 6 years and i wanted the same for my younger onetoo. Also, I and my husband wanted a balanced school where the child gets exposed to art and music every day and that's one of the main reasons to chooseABODE.

We found ABODE through a friend who asked us to attend their founder Mr. Suman's talk onEarly Childhood Development, Montessori and Multiple Intelligence. In the talk, hespent couple of hours explaining many new things about brains and how humans learn. He really got us into thinking and we took another appointment with him. He spent 3 hours patientlyexplaining their philosophy and helped us understand how they are extending Montessori using brain centric learning based on each child's unique intelligences. We were impressed by his vision for ABODE and his passion for his job. And we could see the samein everyone at ABODE over the last 1.5 years. Initially I had some apprehensions about how they will expose the child to so many intelligences. And can they really teach so many things and the many languages they promised.But today, I am very happy and convinced that I made the right choice for my child when I see him talk in 3 languagesandsing Carnatic music and dance while still being a lovable Montessori child.

The other mainconcerns me and my husbandhad were, what after Montessori? Will my child write and read like his peers at the same age? And how the transition happens? My son reads and writes English now and knows Hindi too (writes). He is also exposed to Spanish and Telugu (including writing). The best part is I don't have to convince him to go toschool. He is always happy and comes on most days with a story to share. Fridays are his favourite as the school has a carnival or celebration every friday. Overall, i am veryhappy with the school and they are delivering 80%of what they told us at the beginning. I wanted him to learn Spanish or 1 international languageand i feel they should have done more work in this area. He speaks few words in Spanish but can be exposedmore. And another area is more play time which is never enough for any child.

And this year they are starting 1st grades and I cannot be more happy.



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