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Delhi School of Excellence DSE Attapur - Hyderabad

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My Child currently studying in class Ist in Delhi School of Excellence. 3 Years before, I was in search for good CBSE school for my child. When I saw very big advertisements of this school,I got very impressed and asked for more information with my husband, He was also not aware as it was new school. Finally one day, Me and my husband visited this school and spoke to principal. This was their first academic year, They said Fees 30,000 per annum, we asked few questions and this was his answer.

1. How many maximum students do you take per class.

A.) He said, We take only 20 students per class because we want every child should get attention of the teacher and he compared with other schools where they fill up 30 to 40 students per class and said its very bad as teacher can't give attention to all the students.

2015 Truth, These people now filled up around 35 students per class, when asked about this no reply.

2. What are the Extra-Curriculum activities you provide in the school.

A.) He said, Swimming, Dancing, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Special classes for average students.

2015 Truth, Out of these nothing is available, Very Few are available out of these but not at all up the expected level.

3.) How much fees increment per Annum, when child goes to higher classes.

A.) Maximum we will increase 2-3 percent per annum.

2014 Truth, Heavy Increment in fee structure. From 30,000 they increased to 43,000 tuition fees per annum + 6000 Stationary and activity fees + 18000 Transport Fee = Total 67000 Rs per annum

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