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CGR International School - Hyderabad

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We have recently relocated from California. My son did his schooling up to grade 1 in California in US Curriculum. He currently goes to CGR for grade 2. My experience with the school has been fantastic. The school Principal was very patient and heard all our concerns of the curriculum change and extended her full support to adjust my child in a CBSE environment. The teachers have been amazing. While they encourage his strengths, they have worked consistently and patiently on his weakness. He has Hindi and the teacher does a great job. The peer group is very good and are very friendly. The administration staff is has been very prompt in addressing all our concerns and questions. I have seen the school encourage kids in areas of sports, arts and extra curricular activities.
We as parents are very happy with CGR International school.



My child has been studying in CGR for three years now. I can say that I am satisfied with the overall performance of my child. When he joined he was a little shy and did not know english. But now he talks freely and likes to take part in all competitions also. This was my worry and now i don't have to worry. They did not have a ground and this year finally they have the ground.Every year small improvements are happening so I am happy.


I am relocating to Hyderabad in March end. Came to take a preliminary looks at schools. After visiting almost all the schools in the area , decided on CGR International as the school will not be relocating to any other premises.Most other schools have plans to shift to the suberbs. The fee is also a consideration as I found their facilities as good as any body else and the fee more reasonable.


I am very happy and satisfied with performance of CGR International school. less number of students per class enjoying the attention of their teacher. class rooms are very spacious and ventilated. both son are going there. principal is very attentive with parents and students.


My daughter is studying in this school from last year. We are very much pleased by the staff and the principal. This school have very good eenglish teacher. Because the strengh is very less they concentrate more on the kids. My daughter has won second prize in National Mathematics and Abacus competition in 2011.You can email me if you need any specific info about this school.



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