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Phoenix Greens School of Learning - Hyderabad

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we have our kid studying in phoenix for 2 years. it a good school with focus on overall development. we are happy to see my son learning a lot from school. This is surely not possible without his teachers support. we are happy with the school.


A very good school with focus on multi model learning, and all round development of the child. I have my two kids studying in this school, and very happy to see their progress.


Last year when i did my research last to admit my Daughter last year post my transfer to hyderabad. I had few criteria inmind to Judge a good international School against the selected few like I had Chirec,Phoenixs Green, Sacta Maria,Manthan, Eurokids, etc and the school which fullfilled my criterias are: A) Pedagogy: 1) Sacta Maria,2)Phoenixs Green 3) Chirec ,4) Manthan, 5) Eurokids B) Budget(Cost-Benifit Analysis): 1) Phoenix Green 2) Eurokid 3) Manthan 4) Sacta Maria 5) Chirec C) Campus: 1) Chirec 2) Sancta Maria 2) Phoenix Green 4) Manthan 5) EuroKid D) Transportation: 1) Phoenix Green 2) Sancta Maria 3) Chirec 4) Euro Kid 5) Manthan E) Extra Curricualar Activities: 1) Chirec 2) Phoenix Green 3) Manthan 4) EuroKids 5) Sancta Maria F) Student Friendly Environment : 1) Phoenix Green / EuroKid 2) Manthan 3) ChirecManthan 4) Sancta Maria. Based on Above i had choosen Phoenix Green , as they are fairly good in most of the criteria except infranstructure which they are building really fast in an around 5 acre Kokapet campus. After 1 year i am satisfy with my decision (again they dont hike money everyday like others ;) ) Rest is your decision. I would adivice ,do have a review by your self as well. All the best.


All schools have their own positive and negative points. We should compare positive and negative points and if positive outweigh negative then we should feel happy about the school. Positive: • I am very impressed about the education. They do not stick only with syllabus. • The teachers are great, very well managed, management is responsive, quality of education is good, lot's of activities involving both students and parents. • I have noticed that one of the attractive aspects of PG is they enable the students to participate in lots of activities like dancing, music, fitness activities. My kid is very happy there. • Very nice nursery and pre-primary classes. • Because of overall development of a child I along with my child is very happy and satisfied. My kid love to go to SCHOOL. Negative: • Only negative point I found is the infrastructure. It will take about 2 years to complete its 100 % construction. But my child is still here because of the positive points which Phoenix Green has.


Phoenix greens (PG) is a follower of DPS. DPS specifies most of the things upfront probably where as phoenix greens doesn't. In other words, it yet another "business entity". PG promises a lot but does not deliver. I have my kid in Phoenix greens and will be pulling him out at the end of this year. Here are some negatives: 1. They start by talking about all round development but in the end it's just "rote learning". PP1 kids have written homework (at least 4 days a week). After a full day of school where is the time for kids to actually do anything else? 2. Promise lot of activities but will not follow through. For example, they talked about Swimming, Dance, Martial arts, etc. when we visited them the first time. I have not seen my kid taken to Swimming on a single day. It's been nearly 7 months since school started. 3. Changed to trasport timing mid-way through the year without actually getting parents consent. Not a matter of 5 or 10 delay. It was almost 40 min delay during drop-off in our case 4. Their main campus (KOKAPET) is too far. From Gachibowli junction it's about 7 km. It doesn't have resources (CURRENTLY). They keep saying "this will come..that will come..." but progress is very slow. 5. FEES is too high for a 2 year old school. They had explicitly stated that fee will not increase for current students but they haven't kept their word. There is a 8% fee increase from last year. The concession being that if you "PAY IN FULL" then it will be the same as last year. It's just their way of increasing the fee. Including FOOD, TRANSPORT, the increase is about 14%. As you can see it's definitely in line with probably what DPS does on a yearly basis. Positives: 1. You can get admissions anytime. So it you are fine with 1L per annum and need admission, this is your best case in the Gachibowli area. 2. Prep Campus is small but it's in Gachibowli, so tiny tots don't need to travel far.


Did not like the school facilities and not enough play area. During admission they spend lot of time with parents, but, they refuse to meet after that. Almost impossible to work together with the school on the feedback given to the kids.


My son joined the school last year in the 3rd grade. He has some learning disabilities and needed a special educator. However, with active involvement of his teachers, principal along with the parents, we have seen perceptible improvement in him. Everybody from the school has shown great dedication and commitment. I am thankful to each one of them. I strongly recommend Phoenix Greens to parents looking for all round development of their child.


Phoenix Greens has almost completed it's first year, and I am so impressed by the school, the staff and the community. My son is getting an incredible education, and the teachers are involved, caring and so hard-working.They are great about communicating with the parents and making the class and learning FUN for the kids! My son loves going to school every day and is happy about staying extended hours there, which I think is such an important thing to do from the beginning- if kids love learning, then they learn so much more. And he HAS learned so much!I am so glad that we chose PG. Thanks, Proud Parent of a PG Kindergartener.


I dont like this school. I had admitted my child and was forced to withdraw my child in just 2 months.


Good school. We like it very much.



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