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Hello dear parents,
I m mother of 6 yrs olddaughter n she is studying in sentia the global from past 2 yrs n now she is in grade 1.previously it was fine but now the school is going down.Frankly speaking I m not satisfied with the school n desperately searching for a new one for my daughter. studies in school are only formality the teachers are not well quallified. the assessments are only for name shake. teachers are not attached to the kids even they don't know how to teach a kid . I dont know where the management is busy? in making money or what?
my friend's daughter is also studying in same school in 3rd grade she is also complaining the same thing.
they required money in each n every month from the name of field trips annual day etc. i m also not satisfied from the point of view of hygiene.
my Big NO to this school!!!


Hello Parents,
Even I am not satisfied with the school now which was too good for last 2 years , It came to business Intelligence now. Putting charges for every thing and where ever it is possible.
The only thing which is good about this school is a play ground apart from that study wise and curriculum wise its not that much good. For example a kid who is studying in other schools in 1st standard they will start teaching tables at least they will start of with 2 table, but in this school nothing is like that, Don't know what curriculum they will follow.


My daughter is studying from last 3 years. She is in class 4th now fee is 65K(tuition)+7K(edu+abacus)+20K(transport)+7-8K(books). Earlier when school did not famous then fee and teacher quality was good but now its worst.
-They increase fee every years that is more than 10%,
- Apart from main fee they have very edu sports fee +abacus fee combine come around 6-7K(earlier it was 1.5K only).
-They have their own vendor facilitate books, stationary and uniform. I have horrible experience with uniform. I pay uniform fee and get uniform after 2 months that is even after so many escalation with management and went 7-8 time too shopkeeper.
- Once more money milking technique used by school they have given second term fee Callahan with late payment charge of Rs- 500/ without any information.I think total student strength is 5-6 thousand then money recovered in one term fee as late payment is 6000*500=Rs-30,00,000/. There are three term and one transport fee they are taking more than one crore from students.
-They do some cultural events and publicize the school in all short of media and cheating parents. Apart from these fee every week and month they ask for some 200, 500 and sometime Rs-1,000 as well.
-School is very much crowded and teacher is also not good as they have hired earlier. Only attracting thing is play ground where lots of school is lacking.Most of parent see that and take their decision. I will not recommend parents for Sentia.


to begin with i am not satisfied with the school...eventhough it was a burden for me to go for such an expensive one i opted it for both my kids but of no use...i repent for the mistake i have done....first and the fore most is regarding the lady in the front office...she is very annoying ...she doesn't know how to talk to to guide them...being in an international school she doesn't even speak good english. she is very bad in communicating and harsh too....

I have an issue with the PTM (parent teacher meeting) too... in all the other schools i see that the PTM is conducted in the respective classes and the class teacher is supposed to have knowledge about the overall performance of the student....but here i see that she has knowledge about only her subject and the others she is not aware of...

u rarely have a glimpse of who the principal or chairman is (unless u find them in the school website) during admission....u don't get a chance to meet them during admission and u need to fill up a yellow form for any enquiries or to meet the principal regarding any issue and she would refer to it and if she finds it interesting then only she gives u appointment or otherwise ur yellow slip is rejected with a comment on it (reason for rejection)....

regarding the teachers, i have nothing to say about them as i had not much interaction with them throughout the year

and coming to the was 50k for 2nd class and 55k for 4th class and the van fee was 20 k/ per kid and they charge extra amount which totally reaches around 1.5 lakh by the end of the year....

registration fee : (oops i don't remember... i suppose Rs. 200 not sure....)
entrance test : syllabus of the previous class....english, maths, ii language
prospectus : 1000 per kid
admission fee/donation : nil ( :) time to be happy but it doesn't lasts long)
tuition fee : 2 grade - 50k
3 grade - 55k
zee lab fee : 2000/- per kid
cbse books : between 2000 to 3000 k per kid (including stationary - pencils, erasers, sharpners, water colors, poster colors, etc etc).
x-seed books : 2500 k per kid
transport fee: 15k to 20k depending on the distance.
apart from these u will have some or the other expenses....throughout the for the class photograph, annual day celebrations, field trips, tours....etc etc...which will be mentioned in the school diary...

now coming to the food in the canteen it is expensive and not of that good quality...

teaching wise ... i was not satisfied.... they give projects to kids....but it is like a burden to parents than kids... (may be my justification in this regard is wrong, but it is my opinion).....u have projects for all the 3 terms....

school uniforms are okay....but expensive....

sports uniform - one of the worst every i have seen... even if u take the size that is more than what u require it doesn't fit well....

transport - punctual....but one thing that bothers both the parents and the kids is that here is only AC transport and we definitely have to opt for it...but the AC doesn't work... and it is very mild and only few kids in the bus get the AC and the others sweat very badly ....and are not allowed to open the windows for ventilation.... eventhough after repeated complaints the issue was not resolved....

at the end... if u decide to leave the school... for the TC u have to pay Rs. 250/- which they say is a minimal amount they charge for few things which are negligible and the parents should not ask about it or complain about it... (as said by the chairman when asked for as to why they are charging for TC which is actually to be given free of cost)....

i come from a middle class family and just wanted to get my kids well educated in a reputed school so that they have a bright future and that they don't struggle like we are ......but in vain... :( :( :(

now in search of a new school for my kids and hope to get one good school with a good moral values and good education...

thanks for being patient to read all that i have experienced...thanks one and all ....

god bless...
have a great day....


MY kid is in Sentia for the last 2 years and now entering the 3rd year. More of marketing and less of teaching. Quality of teachers: some teachers are very good and some are average. The teachers for Sports and activities are far below standard. During my interaction with teachers, I discussed and found that management could not keep the teachers satisfied. As a result there is attrition of teachers. There is no balance of academics and activities. School Management is more interested in using activities as marketing tool. Some times many activities and projects are dumped on the child to complete in 1 week. That too at the end of the year to show the activities are completed. The fees are bit on higher side. Both Capitation fess and annual fees are charged as annual fees. The fees will be justified, if it is at 75% of the existing. The school has more population of students coming states other than AP because of IT professionals. It is easy to find seat in Sentia. Sentia Management makes most out of IT professionals. The play ground is very big with good buildings. No proper canteen. Bus facility is good. The bus drivers + ayas are usually very polite and take care of children. Location is bit away from main roads. This is good point. But the location is in industrial belt. Though the air pollution looks apparently less, in fact it is high. I wish to hear more from Sentia parents and their views.


my kid is in sentia , no justice for the fees they take for sports, only parents think isno donation and big play ground but no justise have been done to that play ground only just for show purpose . comming to donation s they dont collect donation but collect on other 100 things which r not done actually , and the parent has no right to ask nething about our kid , what ever they do .


Good school. No donation and good campus, big play ground.


Hi, My son is in Euro Senior now. I like the school. The principal is very supportive and kind to both the parents and child. Because of Euro concept we feel the syllabus is slow but I feel its more of practical and logical thinking, and my son has learnt good mannerism and politeness.


We took admission into euro jr , and we didnt find it so responsive .less attention to child who is new .Less freedom for child to put his imagination into classroom .there more beyond euro syllabus for kids upto 6 yrs .We dint like idea of examining child of what he has learnt i mean parents asking questions during a day fixed .My son is very creative just counld not fit into that school .


Got our daughter admitted for Euro Jr (~ LKG), 2011/12 session last weekend. Courteous staff, big airy classroom, football field...first impression very positive. also, no donation & reasonable fees


It is a good school. Teaching methodology with audio-visual aids. Equal importance is given to extra-curricular activities.


This is a good school



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