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vasvi 2012-02-07 08:12:21


hi all,

we are seeking admission for our daughter into 1st grade . recently we found a new school 'mount litera zee school' in our area (manikonda) ,  which is still  under construction.  though they say it's branded, we want to know some reviews from parents who have any idea abt this school

someone plz help regarding this,which would be great help.

thanks ,


Tansen 2012-02-08 18:31:19


 Dear Mr. Vasvi,

Mount Litera Zee School is India's fastest growing chain of school with 62 schools from ZEE group. My younger brother studies in one of the Mount Litera Zee Schools near Mumbai and his performance is extra ordinary after getting admission in Mount Litera Zee School. They have got their own way of student centric teaching methodology which is very popular among parents....

You can directly write to them at for any issues....


ra29 2012-11-05 16:11:27


 I am planning to get an admission for my son for std I in Zee School,  I would like to know the fee structure and parents review.

Thank you


indu2013 2013-01-04 12:05:54


 Hello Vasvi,


Wondering if you did go ahead with Mount Litera school for your daughter.

If yes, your feedback is highly appreciated and would help me in taking a decision for my son.





shaguf 2013-06-11 15:45:45


hiii frnds,

i need to know details about mount litera zee school of hayathnagar i need to join my son fr 2nd standard also i need to know about the standard of high school from 7th class


srinidi 2013-10-29 19:10:19


   Mount Litera zee school hayathnagar branch is the most worst school i have seen in my life. My neighbours daughter is studying that school. Fees they are charging like international schools but studies and discipline is worst than a government school. horrible management, no proper teaching, no exams, no proper coverage of syllabus. For SA1 they completed syllabus in 2 to 3 days before exams without revision. No information is given properly. No discipline. she saw ad in internet website and got fooled. Please be careful while joining ur children. Do not rely on information given in website. Ask parents. They will tell how they r suffering. I really feel sorry for that kid.She was good at studies before but now she is becoming a dull student. Please take care,

Sr1975 2014-01-09 18:49:11


 as far as my experience goes the school has got pretty good  teaching methodology.decent campus with sporting facilities.may not be good choice for parents seeking mugging or rot way of learning.i never expected my child to travel to so many places like Jaipur Bangalore and tamilnadu for sports at such young impressed.

Sgopes123 2014-03-26 06:21:21


Hi srinidhi iam planning to join my daughter in mount litera zee school hayathnagar, I was impressed by the school, pls let me know your honest reviews thankyou

SG009 2014-04-02 16:17:55


Any first-hand reviews regarding Mt. Liera Zee School, Manikonda?

Priji 2014-05-26 12:24:15


Hi All,

We will be relocating to Hyderabad soon, planning for Mount Litera School for my 3 and half year old son for LKG. I am looking for day care facility within the school after schhol timing for my son. This was there in his school in Bangalore Branch. Can any one please let me know if there is day care facility available in Mount litera zee school, Manikonda?
If yes, any feedback on the same and facilities provided with the day care fee.

Thanks in advance

psr123 2014-05-26 13:02:53


Hi All,

we recently moved from bangalore. i am also planning to join my daugher in LKG in Mount litera, Manikonda brance. Any feedback on infrastructure, academics and facilities will be helpful..Please share if anyone has any info..

Thanks & Regards,

gauravinibm 2015-01-16 17:47:39


Hi All ,
Today we went and visited the Mount Litera Zee School in Manikonda, Hyderabad.  
Prod -
1. Nice Campus
2. CBSE Board
3. Mount Litera method of teaching
4. Every class is neat and have Smart Boards
5. Have 1 tenis court, 1 basket ball court and 1 football court / cricket
6. Child Teacher ratio is well maintained 28: 2 teacher

1. No Swimming 
2. Not very old just 4 years old
3. location is bad , just resedential houses outside
4. poor road and connecting infrastructure, only if u go from lanco hill side its ok
5. Manikonda branch is till class 8 now , not appeared till class x

fees are 50k per annum and transport is 14k per annum
food and dress, book cost extra  for pp1 pp2
did met the admission coordinator Suman, she was nice to explain about the school and facility, even her own daughter is studying in same school , which gave us the confidence, that school should be doing good.

Please post your review or connect with me or share me any parents contact number , if your children is going to Manikonda branch,  my number is 7673903801.

Gaurav Kr Sanghai


palpar 2015-01-19 15:18:21


Hi...I am transferred from Delhi..need addmission for two kids in II and V class...Any one  can give input abput Mount litera zee school ,hayathnagar...then I will stay in LB nagar otherwise in Attapur...

gkss 2015-03-02 15:20:48


Hi parents, Please share your information regarding Mt.literera zee school, Manikonda.I want to join my son in Nursery.pls share the fee structure and how good are the academics?? I stay in kphb colony and if the school is good, planng to shift to manikonda side. Thanks

gkss 2015-03-04 23:07:51


No updates???

PReddy 2015-03-19 16:19:30


This is a new school with only 3/4 Yrs of experience. 
The school is good for the Pre primary and primary grades.
But for higher grades, 5th and above have -ve feedback.The main drawback is the lack of good teachers (as I said its only 3 Yrs old)



gauravinibm 2015-05-07 14:24:57


Dear Parent,
Please find attached the fee structure for the new academic session beginning in the month of June. Please find the fee details in the attachment along with the last date of payment. 
The term fee and food-transport charges have to be paid by cheque/online transfer. The online transfer details are as follows:
For term fees payment, transfers to be made to the following account:Bank Name : ICICIA/c Name : Apple Tree Educational Society
For food & transport transfers to be made to the following account::Bank Name : Karur Vysya BankA/c Name : Apple Tree Educational Society Books & Uniform charges are to be paid by cash.Jr. KG Books & Stationery -  Rs. 4100/-Sr. KG Books & Stationery - Rs. 4300/-
Boys Uniform - Rs. 2100/-Girls Uniform -  Rs. 2500/-
For online transfers please send the screen shot of the payment page to the email Id: with a cc to to enable us to send the receipt of the payment made.  Thanks & Regards, MLZS Team040-64622101/102

Uploaded image


shivkiran 2015-06-10 22:32:52


hello all,
i am writing this post because i want to make aware all the parents that don't go on only online reviews ,please check the school first and talk to the parents in any case.
what i experienced i am telling you that only.
after seeing the good review of Mount litera Zee School,Manikonda i was excited to see the school as i was seeking the admission for my daughter.i am recently shifted from US.After talking to School Administration I feel very good and thought that i am at right place for admission of my daughter.Ms Suman (PRO)  guided me for the admission,even she told that her daughter is studying there..i was impressed.
later i thought to talk to some parents also,i was searching for some parents but as the school were in summer break so i don't get anyone in school.
when i was exiting the school that time i saw few ladies who were gossiping about school,i thought to talk to them and take there reviews.....when i talk to them i was shocked...........they immediately told me that i should not admit my ward to school..they said that school is not good and there are no studies in school..the school don't have any experienced teachers..all experienced left the school..even school teachers kids study in other school..they notify me that even they are taking out there wards from school..this year around more then 100 kids left the school as they take care during admission only not after the admission.when i said that i have read the good comments for the school on internet they said all are fake managed by the school only with different log in.
after listining to them i was shoked but i feel to talk to some more parents before going to any conclusion..the other day i wated outside the school for parents,i found again one lady who was coming out of the school when i asked her she said that she is taking out her daughter from the after taking the admission they have given so much false commitment and never fulfill them ,teacher teach wrong as they are not experienced...
after that also i talked to few more parents but got same answer...
so i advice to all that before taking admission please have word with the parents and their experiences in school..

now days i think school are only doing business we should be aware of all aspects.
thanks and take good decision before admitting your ward 

Shiv Kiran

sravanala 2015-06-11 06:56:07


Current principal doesnt keep her promises given to parents.

Patrick 2015-06-16 12:25:54



My son was studying in grade 1 of Mount Litera Zee School, Manikonda. (2015-2016)  There is no standard protocol that the school follows.  Rules changes as per their wimps and fancy.  They had promised me that in case of transfer from one school branch to another school branch would not be an issue in terms of refund, but the harsh reality was that I literally had to beg for my refund.  Innumerable mails were sent forth and back and lastly decision was made to pay the fees on a pro-rata basis, where as my kid had attended only 9 days of first term.  His transport and food money was outrightly said by the school that it would not be refunded.  The refund amt promised to me is still not paid until now, i.e. June 16, 2015, I have not received any communication from their end.  I am thinking about taking a legal route to straighten things out.  I request parents to avoid this school, its not worth.



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